Lend Me Your Ears

Lend Me Your Ears (LMYE) is a multi-stranded collection of audio and video recordings created as part of Aural/Oral Dramaturgies: Post-Verbatim, Amplified Storytelling and Gig Theatre in the Digital Age. 

Lend Me Your Ears is conceived and directed by Duška Radosavljević and curated by Flora Pitrolo. The Gallery and the Salon content is produced by Tim Bano. The Library and the Laboratory are video-edited by Juan Salazar. 
We offer here three ways of navigating the audio-visual resources deposited in the website.

By Issue

The material is organised into five issues mirroring the planned chapter structure of Duška Radosavljević’s monograph linked to this project.

By Category

There are five main categories of resources, conceptualised as digital spaces, in the Lend Me Your Ears collection:

By Interest

You can follow your own interests using our tags, or the search bar below. Curator Flora Pitrolo’s LMYE Guides offer some examples of how the research archived here can be navigated by personal interest:

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