The Studio:

Courses and Masterclasses

As its name suggests, the Studio is a space of learning, studious engagement and educational development. Here we present a selection of workshops and masterclasses* which can be taken as courses or individually. A selection of artists featured elsewhere on the website and all of the Aural/Oral Dramaturgies Artists  were invited to lead a class on a related topic with students from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Each class was recorded by Zoom and edited to ensure everyone featured in it has given their consent. 

*While we are aware that the word ‘master’ has acquired unwelcome connotations of sexist, ableist and racist hierarchies, we observe the root of this English term in Latin ‘magister, magistra’ meaning teacher. In Cicero’s famous proclamation ‘historia magistra vitae est’ (‘history is the teacher of life’) the word ‘magistra’ is given in the female gender (to match the feminine ‘historia’). If at all possible in English, this would be the full sense in which we understand the word ‘masterclass’ – vital, informed by historical complexity, and generically inflected as needed. 

You can scroll through the episodes listed below, or use tags to navigate the collection according to your specific interests. For updates, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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