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Maya Krishna Rao:

The Solo Devising Performer: Pathways into Imagination and Process

In this fascinating masterclass, Maya Krishna Rao combines elements of performance lecture, workshop and improvisation to demonstrate the workings of her creative methodology and its gradual development. Spanning continents, genres and decades of Rao’s career this is a tightly picked 90 minutes with much to relish and enjoy. 

Maya Krishna Rao is an Indian performer whose impressive body of work includes street theatre, comedy, dance, political performance and activism as well as the European drama classics, and film and TV work. In India she is best known for her works Khol Do (1993), A Deep Fried Jam (2002), Walk (2012), and Loose Woman (2018). 

Listen to Maya talk about her work. 

This class was recorded on Zoom on 18th May 2021. 

[00:00:21] Intro
[00:04:51] Improvisation
[00:39:48] Objects and Camera as Co-Performers
[00:57:55] Drawing from Tradition - Kathakali
[01:02:24] Exercise
[01:07:15] Performer & Audience
[01:18:03] Influences & Inspirations

With thanks to the students of MA Advanced Theatre Practice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama for taking part in the making of the video, especially Maria Colonescu, Jack Hilton, Pei Yu Huang, Linda van Egmond, Dana McMillan, Alessandro Meringolo, Grace Kavanagh, Jenia Kovryga, Holly Nomafo, Billie Osborn Harrison, Sam Roberts, Gaurav Singh, Emma Wagstaff, Dominic Weatherby, Kiki Ye who gave their permission to be featured in the final edit. Also thanks to Nohar Lazarovich for incorporating this session into the curriculum, and to MA ATP convener Lynne Kendrick and lecturer Jane Munro for their support. 

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