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The terms and conditions for use for this website.

1. Website Operator

This website is operated by The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Eton Avenue, London, NW3 3HY (“Central”).

2. Materials on Site

2.1 This website contains material which Central owns, or is allowed to use. This material includes, amongst other things, its design, layout, look, appearance and graphics. It is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws.

2.2 You may view, use, download and store the material on this website for personal and research use only, but not for any commercial use. You may not distribute, publish, or otherwise make available the material on this website to third parties without seeking prior permission from Central, or it may be a criminal offence and lead to legal action for damages.

3. Accuracy of Information

3.1 The information in this website is for general information/interest only and may change without prior notice. Central does not accept responsibility for errors. Clause 5.3 is the exception to this.

3.2 If you choose to make any arrangements with any third party referred to on this website, you do so at your own risk and responsibility.

3.3 The information made available by Central on this website does not form part of any contract and should not be seen as an offer to do so.

4. Linking

4.1 This website contains links to other websites. Central accepts no responsibility or liability for the content of other websites which are not under its strict control. Link(s) are not intended to be a recommendation by Central.

4.2 You may not create a link to this website from another website or document without seeking prior permission from Central.

5. Liability

5.1 Central does not guarantee that this website will be compatible with all hardware and software which you may use when trying to visit this site, but please contact [email protected] who will try to help you with any queries.

5.2 Except for under clause 5.3, Central will be under no liability to you whatsoever, regardless of how it is caused arising out of or in connection with the use of this website or the use, accessing, downloading or relying on any information or other materials contained within this website. This includes any damage caused by any computer virus.

5.3 These terms and conditions do not exclude Central’s liability (if any) to you for personal injury or death resulting from Central’s negligence, for fraud or for any matter which it would be illegal for Central to exclude, or to attempt to exclude its liability. Otherwise they do exclude any actions brought in negligence or otherwise.

6. Privacy

Central’s privacy statement can be seen below. This privacy statement forms part of these terms and conditions.

7. Complete Agreement

These terms and conditions (including the privacy policy referred to in clause 6) contain all the terms which you and Central have agreed in relation to the use of the website.

8. Jurisdiction and acceptance of these terms and conditions

8.1 This website is controlled and operated by Central from its offices in England (see clause 1). Any dispute relating to any of the materials contained in this website shall be governed by English law. This includes the construction, performance, validity of these terms and any question about any of the content of this website.

8.2 The English and Welsh courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes about these terms or use of the website.

8.3 Your use of this website indicates your acceptance of these terms.

9. Photographs and Images

The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama strives to credit the individuals and businesses it commissions to photograph its activities across all of its media to the best of its ability.

The following image providers are hereby credited:

  • Mike Abrahams
  • Marian Alonso
  • Angell
  • Patrick Baldwin
  • Mike Benwell
  • Darrell Berry
  • Daniel Bond
  • Celine Brisset
  • Sheila Burnett
  • Broderick Chow
  • Peter Cook
  • Alexander Corrie
  • Ludovic des Cognets
  • Laura Douglas
  • Stephen Farrier
  • Villeneuve George
  • Martin Hartley
  • Thomas Haywood
  • James Hewett
  • Michael Humphreys
  • Gail Hunt
  • Adam Hypki
  • Yiannis Katsaris
  • Monika Kita
  • Stan Kujawa
  • Peter LeMay
  • Ric Lipson
  • Ken Mizutani
  • Nick Moran
  • Mordue
  • Keith Orton
  • John Paley
  • Clare Park
  • Rob Petherick
  • Ken Reynolds
  • Craig Sugden
  • Ivan Tanda
  • Stephen Turner
  • Chris Wilkes
  • Andrew Wiskowski
  • Jing Wong
  • Dawn Wylie
  • Jemima Yong
  • Luke Pajak
  • Jessica Houghton
  • Joe Houghton
  • Bertrand Demee/Photographer’s Choice RF/Getty Images

Beyond any contractual agreements with image providers, Central reserves the right not to display credits.

Any individuals wishing to draw Central’s attention to any missing or incorrect image credits should contact [email protected].

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