The Salon:

Conversations about Sound

The Salon hosts reflective conversations between scholars, curators, artists and cultural agitators on any topic related to speech, sound and performance-making, aiming to both broaden and deepen the exchange between sound and speech on the contemporary stage and in adjacent disciplines. 

Prompted by one of the foundational aims of the Aural/Oral Dramaturgies project to re-imagine the format of a ‘conference paper, and catalysed by Covid19, the Salon erects a conference hall within a virtual space between living rooms, and delivers the form of an academic essay as a dialogic, collaborative, verbal improvisation 

Each commissioned conversation includes an exchange of ‘sonic cues: recordings, live sounds, songs, audio-memories or background noises which serve to engage the listeners’ imagination and provide an inner structure for the conversation. 

You can scroll through the episodes listed below, or use tags to navigate the collection according to your specific interests. For updates, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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