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Jane Boston and Deelee Dubé:

Decolonising the Voice

Jane Boston and Deelee Dubé have worked as part of the Aural/Oral Dramaturgies project on creating a podcast series constituting a course in Decolonising the Voice. This masterclass is their first collaborative outing, piloting techniques, methods and exercises for a decolonised approach to finding your own voice.  

Jane Boston is a Principal Lecturer at Central, leading the MA/MFA in Voice Studies: Teaching and Coaching and heading up the International Network in Voice 

Sitandile Dubé is a London-born award-winning vocalist, musician, poet, artist, practitioner, and researcher, and is renowned amongst international jazz vocalists and the voice departments of the UK drama schools.  

Listen to Jane Boston discuss finding one’s voice with Matthew Mills. 

This class was recorded on Zoom on 5th May 2021. 

[00:00:21] Intro
[00:04:37] Sonic Positionalities: An Ear to the World
[00:16:38] Representations of Sonic Identities
[00:43:11] Contexts Shared

With thanks to the students on David Shearing’s Immersive Project 2021 at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama for taking part in the making of this video, especially the BA CPP Performance Arts students: Magda Cinkova, Luca Cipollone, Tamar Degani, Benedict Doggwiler, Kate Duckworth, Phoebe Grove, Madison Maycock, Louis Mcneilly, Georgia Mulholland, Eve Proctor, Hannah Thomson, Oona Webster Jones, and the BA TP Design for Stage students: Sophie Andrews, Sophie Davies, Greta Dietz, Jiayi Ding, Xinyi Du, Joe Lee, Yifei Ma, George Martin, William Tighe, Peiyao Wang, LeShaun Williams, Yimei Zhao, all of whom gave their permission to be featured in the final edit. Also thanks to Central lecturers Andreas Skourtis, David Shearing and Diana Damian Martin for their support in organising this series

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